Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Reservation a thorn in India's Flesh

To all the members of Constituent Assembly (Dead or Alive)
Respected Sir/Madam,
Well I respected your decision of giving reservation (for a period of 10 years) to the most backward people in the country known as India. All the governments extended this period due to vote bank politics. Mr. Prime Minister in 1989 implemented Mandal commission report to give a major chunks of quality indian seat of learning and jobs to the most backward people of india, many people died in then erupted violence.
Through out my entire life i never accepted the caste system as it had adulterated the great Aryan Vedic Civilisation of our beloved India. As i belong to very high caste Rajput family but that never stopped me from talking to SC's/OBC's in my village. I always give them full respect iirespective of what my Purohit tells me. This often brought some scolding from my elders. But i never bothered to take them seriously.
But the new recommendation saying that 49.5 % reservation in all the premier colleges including IIT's IIM's gave a bad taste. How can i see a person having a fraction of mine capability sitting besides me or even higher than me. There are many ways to improve the socio-economic conditions of the backward section of our society but how can one choose a path which does nothing except dividing country in to fractions. Now some times i feel that i will not give the same respect to those people. Although i know that this is wrong.
Next time we can see the same thing happenning in Our armed forces and to be very sporty in saying, one can see the same thing hapenning in our Cricket team in near future.

There are two options left for me either to accept a second class citizen ship in the native country or leave my own mother land. Time will unfold the secret.

May you all live in peace, we will make sure that this place will be a living hell. This is all frustation. What i think may be a solution of this poblem. Its basically a two phase solution:

Governmnet should take care of all the expenditure if a person from that section(SC/ST/OBC) got selected in IIT or IIM.
1.Give free and quality education to all the pple belonging to SC/ST/OBC till 12th.
2. Give free education to all the pple belonging to SC/ST/OBC when they get selected in any premier institute of national importance.

The problem with so called our leaders are that they dont want to rectify the caste problem, they just want to keep it. If they had seriously tried for past 50 years all these things would have become extinct.

Jai Hind,
Neeraj Kumar Jadaun


KD said...

Till date i do not get funda of ST/SC/OBC.. there are lot of them. whos previous generations must have got admissions via these quotas. they must be MBA/M.TECH/BE/B.TEch/MBBS/MS/Graduates/Designers/...
Are those educated ppl so hopeless that they cant support there kids primary and secondry education.
I do not understand the funda of reservation. I m a sikh guy. And when i got admission there wanst reservation in my college. but 2 years later there was which pissed me off. Why the hell is reservation thing. I do not need it. if i have capablity i would fight for my seat myself else i do not deserve it.e.g i never studied and have aptitude to crack IIT. i never deserved to be there. But if coming to corporate world i do have certain capablity to make up my living. Some1 who has to be engineer/doc/mba need to be mentally strong. If i need support to get admission to engineering or medical college. (how the hell i m expected to extend my support to nation/corporate/project) wat so ever i m working on..
Why the hell reservation thing. Forcing ppl to do certain courses they never wanted or deserved to be in. If some1 who is economically weak should be supported by govt. (Half fees/full fees wavial). Reservation/Minority is meaning less. At times i understand the Defence quota its necessary those who fought for our country and have lost do need support. But should be admitted only if capable to take up challenges.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to hear that you had interected with lowly castes while you are being from vey high caste! and you goes on to mention that "How can i see a person having a fraction of mine capability sitting besides me or even higher than me." well well this reservation maybe precisely for this.

AJ said...

The only thing I would like to point out here is that no one hates being voted in. Everyone in this world likes, not just to survive, but to win and be at the pinnacle all the time. How do you expect a politician to remain in power forever? You know that. But we are the one who choose them. They are our faces.

What does this blog signify? Though I repect each of our emotions here, which includes me too, regarding the reservation, I still feel that just by making blogs and signing the online petitions will rarely do anything. If we do understand the motive behind it, nothing can be done by showing agitation on this blog.

Cue:Ever thought of being in politics?

If you think that SC ST and OBC's are happy with this, then you are mistaken. How would you feel if you are specifically told through such a law that you are "incapable"? No one likes to be called incapable. Right now, here, this generation doesn't want anybody asking them to quit the competition. It is The Modus Operandi and we must know that, clear.

I will cite a live example that I saw today itself. A politician cum actor (kannada star) expired today. Being an icon, both political and movie, his so called fans are protesting and beating to have Bangalore closed for 2 days. Who are these fans? If the fans are so agitated why doesn't the Govt. give a 2 day off for people's safety? If this is so...I believe someone wants crime, hatred, protests. Someone is paying for it to get something better in return.

I ask you, whether you want to change something or not. I am not aware if anyone has sued the government. Let some lawyer take the charge. I would like to see the day, when an OBC will sue this government for reserving them. I believe it will happen. The wave is on. The movement is on. Do not blog like this, talk, make more OBC friends. Do not put anything on the blogs to harry them. Ask them instead if they want to be called "weak".

KD said...

AJ a very sensible reply. yep i do agree its kinda agititaion movement going on through this blog but tell me if incase this quota thing works up 49.5% reservation happens. i wonder in india there would be law again to reduce this. Since after 1 obc generation gets benifit of this so will there continuing generations. This will never end. Why should those ppl take benifit of this if they have got all the comforts of life being there parnents as IAS Or IITians and had great success in life.

manisha said...

ya bat bilkul sahi ha ki hama reservation ka khilaf hona chaiya . aj jahan dekho vahan reservation ha chaha vo job ho ya fir du ma admission ki. pata nahi is bat par roun ya hason. main to bas ya chata hon ki har jhaga kavol ability par chance mila na ki reservation par. jhan tak ambedkar ji ka khana ha vo bhi yahi chata tha ki aajad bharat ma sabko barabar mauka mila. kya koiha jo mujha bataaga ki ma ak ajad desh ma hon ya ak reservation ka tala daba gulam desh ma.......................................................