Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wonder If Our Politicians Use internet 4 Work

I wonder if our politicians ever use computers and internet to improve there work process. As far as I know everyone who is at job has got computers to work and is been provided with internet facility to explore the web and experiment the new innovative ways to improve processes.
For example if I want to know about something new happening related to my field I do search on googol. I wonder if any of politicians have reached this blog. (Our Page rank is fairly good at google (don't know about other search engines)) .
This Voice against reservation should reach to the place where it matters the most but when tried the cops drive these peaceful protests with tear gas and lathi charge. I guess Doctors or Engineers protesting from these top institute are sensible enough that they wont turn physical and would use means of peaceful protest n talks.
Coming back to what I was talking about. Another question that strikes me is : If the politicians have time to surf web at all. I guess the top most and busiest business man to a small company owner everyone tries to search n gather more information about the domain they are working on. Every CEO to Software Engg to Pharmist to Doctor to Electrical/Mech/Civil Engg to Staticians to Analysts to HR to MBA everyone surf web to improve his/her performance. So these politicians are on a job to improve this country I guess this complicated Internet has got some meaning to them.

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