Monday, April 10, 2006

Lets send this message across

We can write directly to the Prime Minister at

and to the President at

Please ensure that we do our bit to see to it that this proposal does not go through. Show your discontent using these links. The reservations, if enacted, have the ability to affect each and every one of us.


KD said...

Thanks for inviting me.. i was myself going to create one for this... I feel blog is 1 way that public would speak. Add on to this Petetion. Atleast it can take care of Web portion of People Voices...
Gud work. I can invite more people who can contribute.. Also i would recommend wat ever is posted (Blog Posts) should be first screened. No objectionable content. Without hurting sentiments Please

amit said...

Hi All,

I appreciate everyone’s agitation against the Reservation Bill. We live in a democracy where it is of the people, by the people and for the people. We should with full force oppose this policy of the government and ask them to justify the definition of true democracy. I my view India will have to keep the sobriquet of land of largest reservations than land of largest democracy. Is it the true democracy? I agree this bill will seriously hamper India’s image at world market, this is much more pronounce as the world is getting flat as per Thomas L Friedman.

I think we “all” by all I mean the individuals who never cares to cast his/her valuable vote have no right to stay in this kind of democracy. So the democracy is for the people who vote-by the people- whether knowing or not knowing whom they are voting, and so the government is inclined to do work for them-for the people. I ask a very simple question to you all, “How many of you have used the right to vote?” and I am sure the answer will be meager. The point I want to highlight is that it is “we” who have made this situation. The government call people from OBC and other as their VOTE bank because they are well aware of the fact that the people from middle class and high class will never care to vote. The root cause for the problem is we all. Make a clear agenda for government that we too form a greater pool of the so called vote bank, and will decide who we will be in the parliament. I am sure once the message is sent to the policy makers they will treat all equal; these politician are hungry for the chair.

I agree the people were treated unmanly in the past and have a right to get along in the main stream of the life. What is the level of main stream, Is it making everything smooth for them and their generations to come? How many people from these underprivileged classes have joined main stream? Can government provide the data and statistics? Why there is a need for reservation for the children whose parents has earned his/her graduate degree? I know few of them whose parents are IAS officers still he enjoys the privileges of a downtrodden family. Are these IAS officers not in the main stream. I want to make a point to you all; the reservation if given to those who are really in need is beneficial, say whose parents are not educated. Once you have someone in the family educated it is his/her responsibility to make everyone in the family educated. Conditional reservation is acceptable but that too, to a deserving candidate. Put some limits for them. If the cut off is 95% for the open class make it 90% for them, not more than 5% and number of seats also 5% including all SC, ST and OBC. I know many will argue for these 5%, but it is only for those who really are under privileged.

I know many have written a good number of mails for pros and cons of this bill so I won’t add to that. But thought this point was never brought in any of the mail.

Hope we all stand together in the fight whole heartedly not just by mails and rallies but taking a pledge to use our RIGHT for VOTE.

Thank you for your patient reading.
Amit Borundiya