Friday, April 07, 2006

Lets make our voice heard

Lets make our voice heard,
Lets make our ideas passed,
Lets make our vision visualized,
Lets Start this VAR.

I urge each and every blogizen from India to participate in this VAR, yes the war. You can too contribute to this blog. To do so just email your details and Bog site address to and you will be receiving an invitation to join VAR soon.


Balaji said...

I've got four article for you at my blog:

Psychydyl said...

I am shocked: I could not find a single video of the September 1990 protests on Google. Its sad how easily we forget our past... Forget about learning from it!

Anonymous said...

Indian Government needs RESERVATION IN ALL MEDICAL ENTRANCE EXAMS for lawness and restness States like Manipur..

In Manipur,every students get 90 days only in a year because of tense situation i.e. frequent bandhs,general srikes,economuc blockets,class boycotts and others called by non government organisations.

Maibam Rishikesh


reservation on the basis of caste do much harm to the progress of INDIA,

manisha said...

ak kam karo sc ko 25% st ko25% or obc ko 50% reservation de do or general catagory valon ko mar do................ vo in politician ka to bas ma nahin ha varna ya to asa karna sa bhi nahin rokta.