Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Reservation in Indian Universities

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News Came to a shock.. 49.5% reservation in indian universities(IIT/IIM). Is Govt talking s**t or wat. I would never have thought this much of reservation for categories, a.k.a ST/SC/OBC. If this happens i wonder future of india in research, decision and strategy side. Ignoring the best brains of country and relying on non merit basis even develop hate for the indian education standards for majority students. Those who has big dreams and confidence to do things and a little money to support will never be able to work out in situation. Already in this merit selection basis there is very fine line that u get to a college or miss by a margin.
As far as my knowledge goes I cant recall a incident where reservation for ST/SC/OBC is decreased. So one thing is far sure once this happens it will not revert. There will be 100 more political pressure for not doing it and it STAYS FOREVER.
This further inviting more Brain Drain. A person would love his/her own country to a limit where atleast country policies are not against his aspirations n goals. Present scenario is where i read about IIT/IIM grads not accepting offers abroad(This might also get affected). Infact most of parents in order to make there children have best of education will put everything on stake they saved so far. Panic Situations. Performance pressure will be much much more.

Take a scenario - Indian cricket or Hockey Team having 49.5% reservations. Atleast 49.5% should play in International Cricket or Hockey Matches. Why players are chosen on basis of merit(performance). I sports is pretty much a education.
I do not see any reason when i myself have seen IAS son n daughters getting into engineering college throught Quota n coming by Ford Ikon.


saveeducation said...

Congrats to you for launching this blog against the hydraheaded devil known as 'RESERVATION'. But to fight this menace a very systematic academic, legal, sociological, and economic analyses are to be done.

Barkha Dutt today wrote in the Hindustan Times that the seats meant for the reserved categories are most lie unfulfilled. This itself is an answer to the shabby state of affairs at the school level. Why is not even the school education an attraction for the students belonging to the reserved category? One of many answers is the poor quality of the teachers and the teaching there. Why this poor quality? Because of a large number of incompetent teachers there many of which belong to the reserved category. Likes beget likes. A vicious circle. While the seats meant for the reserved category students remain not taken in the Engineering, Medical courses, etc they are fully taken in the Teacher Education programme (like B.Ed., etc).
Please consider these issues.

KD said...

Yes ofcourse . I did watch the complete Programme WE the People by Barkha Dutt on NDTV.
This Blog is meant to discuss each n every aspect. about why's n why not. As per stats that were given by some1 from FICCI(sorry forgot his name) He told that 95% of seats remain unfulfilled. But as per me if i go to any delhi/mumbai colleges. or IITs/NSIT/DCE/NIT/MAMC/AIIMS/NID/NIFT/.. These seats are fully filled. I have seen myself that where in general category ppl get selected till rank 3000 for the category it goes till 17000.. yes 17k.
I would fully disagree that seats are not filled.
Also for Barkha Dutt, my fav reporter(she was speaking wat was been told to her in show and wat stats say). and stats are not correct always.
I m against reservation of OBC. but not for those who do not have finances to support(be it any caste creed sex place) but deserve to be at place like this.
Also i target the Rashtriya Saksharta mission. They use to be active but i dun see ads any more.

Anonymous said...

I've written a poem in hindi and would like to share it with all of u who oppose reservations...


prakriti yadi karti aarakshan
harin karta vyaghra ka bhakshan
siyaar,lomad tab chillate
hum pichde hain kehlate
sadiyon anyaay sahaa humne
juthan par bharan kiya humne
ab samay humara aaya hai
van mein bahumat paya hai
sheron ka raj khatam hua
shrigaal yug prarambh hua
hum unko maar bhagaenge
samajik nyay sab payenge
aadha bhojan humara hai
par shikaar nahin gavaara hai
wah to kaam hai sheron ka
nahin hum pichhde pashuon ka
hum to bas bhog lagaenge
jagrookta desh mein laenge
hum daas tumhare bane rahe
tum ab tak data bane rahe
ye nahin chalega aage aur
jaage siyaar hain charo or
sinhasan se chyut kar denge
jeena hum dubhar kar denge
sankhya mein hum tumse bees
loktantra ki mili aasees
paddalit ko nyay dilaenge
aksham ko sheesh chadhaenge
saksham sankhya mein kam aate
phir bhi achha pad wo paate
van mein aarakshan aaya hai
harsh bahusankhy mein chhaya hai
sheron ka vishwas hai mand
aasha ke sab dwar hain band
ab aur kahin jana hoga
naya sansar basana hoga
he aarakshit van tujhko pranam!
chalte hain ab nutan dhaam
hum wahin shikaar kar khaenge
samman sabhi ka paenge
siyaron van par raaj karo
par kalpane us din ki karo
jab gidad bhi jaag jaenge
aur chauthhai aarakahan paenge!!