Saturday, May 27, 2006

Why we should protest Reservation policy

To have reservation or to not have
This is a never ending debate, beacause the other side has different motives.

What we got after having reservation for the last 56 years. We got nothing. The society more or less is the same.

Now there are two classes among SC/ST, the elite SC/ST and the down torn SC/ST. Since in a family a person can take advantage of reservation more than a single time, Son of a father (who have taken this benefit) also eligible to take the benefit so this heinous cycle continues and the drift between (elite SC/ST and down torn SC/ST ) will go on increasing.

Now this will replicate in case of OBCs as well. And we will have various classes among OBCs.

I have one real life incident.

I cleared IITJEE got AIR 1074, got IT-BHU. In my class there were 8 seats reserved for SC/ST only 5 SC/ST seats got filled, their JEE ranks were also dismissal. Out of these 5 only 2 were able to get the final degree. One student was expelled (he failed thrice in his first year). The other two are still studying. These 5 people never tried to study because they never knew then what was the worth of their seat.

Although this can not be generalized but in IITS and other institute of higher learning the picture is usually the same.

My penultimate point:

All people are not equal. If they are then there would not be any Alexander, any Einstein, any Socrates, any Gandhi, etc born on this earth. If a person is making unequal things equal then he is killing the inner instincts with which the person is born.

My final point:

Give free and quality education till 12th to all the deprived and poor sections of the society (any caste, creed or religion) and even give full scholarship to all those the deprived and poor sections if they are able to get selected in IIT or any institute. But don’t reserve the seats. Now its government duty to improve the quality of basic education, If you want to remove the disease of caste you have to find its roots.

I am finished, Keep Crusading


ITProffMumbai said...

This is concerning the continuing agitation and protest all over the India regarding the oppose and condemn of the Government Policies behind the Reservation Bill. Today on 26th May 2006 , the IT Professionals and Software Engineers from Top IT MNC’s and Companies like Hexaware Technologies , Mastek , Patni (PCS), CMS , Systime , Reliance in support from TCS (Andheri Division), Syntel (MIDC Andheri), Dess Technologies ( Andheri) and Webify Solution (Andheri) protested against the Reservation Bill in Millennium Business Park , Mahape Navi Mumbai. This Peace March was supported by YFE (Youth for Equality Mumbai Wing).

This Peace Rally was attended by a huge number of IT Professionals and Software Engineers from all the above stated companies. There was a huge dissatisfaction in the masses on the Reservation Bill being passed and All the demonstrators showed there full support to the Medico and Engg student who are protesting in all the parts of the Nation.

The spokesperson on behalf of the IT Professional from Patni and Hexaware also confirm that this agitation will take a bigger picture in the coming days against the dirty politics and unjustified Reservation and sectioning the society on the name of caste.

The IT Professionals and Software Engineer oppose this Reservation Bill and will take more tangible and bigger steps in the future, if government does not do a defensible solution to it. There are more remonstration and rallies to be well thought-out in the coming future if no announcement comes from the Government to stop this injustice.
Indian People have awakened and will do there best to denounce these political atrocities on the united Indian People who stand with no caste difference against this Reservation Bill. The IT Professionals will not stop at any cost if the politically motivated deed of the Government goes on in today and in future.

Thanks and Regards,
IT Professionals – MUMBAI

Ashish Kumar Gupta / Vivek Tripathi / Avneesh Verma / Atul Shukla / Amit Srivastava / Abhishek Pal / Ashish Goel / Amit Singh / Rajeev Mandhani.

Sushant / Jai Goel / Kanchan.

Priyanka Khot said...

Well Neeraj
i would agree with you a 100%. giving a crutch and then proclaiming equality is foolishness...there are countries all over the world where certain groups have been marginalised but have managed to show their metal overcoming the hurdles...why is the Indian government hell bent on reducing the self motivation power of millions of those who can show their potential eventually...
if i will get millions without any effort will i ever wanna move a muscle???? i think not
priyanka khot

KD said...

in Cent Percent Agreement with u Neeraj.
Further I feel there is a need to improve this Primary education for this effort from everyone of us is required. I guess there should be some certificate required to be issued by govt. that a person in order to be considered that his/her degree is complete, should have atleast taught in 1 primary school for atleat 3-6 months in his/her state. I guess each one teach one wala funda is out of picture these days. Its moral duty of every1 of us to make everyone around educated. The Govt should even provide these part time teachers with some pay as trainee teacher or something.

Passion said...

Reservations are legislative response to historical social injustices.
Can we scrap reservations if 80% of marriages in India are inter-religious or inter-caste?

MY VIEWS said...

Well I do agree with u...but if government is so desperate to introduce reservation then the basis of reservation should be economical status rather than caste basis...I am sure this will make India more secular and more branded.

Pravin said...

ur words echoed my thoughts... we can never make unequal things equal!

vabz said...

I agree with you totally my friend....I am a student of IIT kgp,and here too the scene is not different.In fact,expelled category students generally get back to study here after giving exams and clearing "cutoffs" for reserved candidates.They are total worthless piece of crap who pollute the academic environment.Guys from economically sound families get the benefit of this evil scheme.The worst part is, we cannot go back on the quota system as this would lead to a lot of chaos.

This is a sheer breach of one's right to equality dude!!!

Pravin Sharma said...

very nicely written... this blog deserves a place in my bloglist!

ponnamnani said...

Reservations are granted because they think that the Primary Education is not well to some castes or groups…but if there is a Primary and Secondary Education System such that every student is given equal opportunity….then there would be no need for reservation after secondary education…..but…..Scholarships should be provided from Primary Education itself for students…..but not basing on the discrimination of caste….

Vipul said...

well i'm ith u

y do they need reservation
dont they have two eyes two legs two hands na ll n 1 dick too

if they dont have it thn we shuld think abut it too...

Anonymous said...

isnt india socialist and colleges subsidised already? the concept of reservation is more about equal share of resources. folks from communities which constitute less than 2% of india's population used to enjoy 97% benefits in a subsidised socialist country. reservations fixed this injustice.

if india was a capitalist country then there should be no reservations. the UN needs to step in to provide justice to the oppressed classes.

regarding getting more marks in india - memorizing and vomitting in exams and getting 95% is no achievement. all those who topped exams in india are just shit. no internationally recognized achivements so far from indians who got near 100 % marks. you can fool yourself carrying an Irodov book and calling yourself a genius but where is the beef?

i do agree that reservation for the second generation should be wiped out.

remember that 98% of indians are bc/obc/sc/st dont mess with their future and their share in resources which are funded by natural resources in a socialist state.

india should turn to pure capitalism, provide resources to the 98% to have a home, basic education to give them a fair start. make it a crime punishable by severe punishment for verbal or physical abuse based on caste.

then remove reservations.

Sri said...

To annoymous,

WTF the reservations are there in India for about 60 yeras and I think atleast 20-30% of SC/ST/BC community must have gained from reservations. That is more than the %age of people of OC community who are economically sound. So what about the rest of OC's. Do they have to suffer for being OC and should they be denied the same oppurtinities the reservations give SC/ST/BC's. Also your talk about second generation would have been appropriate in 1960's or 80's. Now it's been 60 years since reservations are in place and how much longer are we going to wait for the prosperous second generation of SC/St/BC's to scrap the reservations.

And the shit about our education system is another matter and that doesn't concern reservations. The education system is same for OC/SC/ST or BC.

Newton Nanavati said...

I think reservation as a whole is not a bad thing.I mean if a person who is from a avillage attending a goverment school deserves a little encouragement as we all know that the education provided in remote areas are not at any level compared to the education provided in towns or cities.A person like that deserves reservations to achieve his/her dreams.But the reservation is badly used by the creamy layer.The people who belong to a backward caste but live a well off life.Such people should be treated equally.The large margin of reservation upto 5o% is also inappropriate.Government should try to provide better education to such areas and the margin should be reducesed.

Anonymous said...

Indian constitution must be rewritten again considering all the strategics in the present world yes there must must not be any religion oriented upliftment(reservation) for the people of india and every poor,middle,underpoverty people must be considered equal in the eyes of government,today talented and most desirable people are lagging with inferior complex which was overruling them for the past 63 years after independence due to the rule for reservation in all the sectors every citizen belonging to oc community feel pitier on his life once in his lifetime regarding the reservation for which those untalented and hasty people are earned.reservation must be for all who are poor and who are in urge for upliftment and it should not meant to one religion or one sector all of the indians must protest on this type of reservations and help india to grow forward i feel no caste should be entertained solely with all the govt benifits.

hardik shukla said...

i also agree with u....

reservation is not affecting the productive of the country .and the reservation is introduce by dr ambedker for only 10 years,but and day by day it was extended and increase by 14% to 51% today.and as there basice are not clear they were totally illmannar and always in the things of anti social activity all time... they are waste of time and waste of our country's capital investment.....

Anonymous said...

i agree 100% with this topic.

Vatsal Mishra said...

i totally agree with your point neeraj. i also got selected in jee got 7325 rank but fail to get a seat in iit but my friends in reserved category getting ranks about 12000-13000 got seats in ismu,bhu. i m totally numb. now i have decided to go to mnnit and study hard in college and clear gre and leave this country,where illiterate and fool politicians decide our fate.

Anonymous said...

oh my friends I am very happy to find people who are thinking like me.what i want to say is it's not the matter of only education it's the case of all aspects that lead to the development of our country.
sincerely saying i am unable to understand why these people are asking for reservation for entering into an educational org.Entry should be purely based on merit of the student. One the examples is gate exam where qualifying mark is based on cateogrie which is a very stupid idea .
An engineer need to be productive and contet tfull but he should not see for this kind of stupidity.
students will be cosiderd equally in knowledge and they will not be taught based on their caste .if they are given entry based on their cateogrie but not on their merit it's better for government to place them in a separate college or school or other .

Unknown said...

You have written very well it help me in my school debate competition. Thank you

dalip bhandari said...

You have written very well it help me in my school debate competition. Thank you