Thursday, December 21, 2006


In view of the latest developments surrounding the 27.5% OBC Quota Issue, the Bill being passed by the Parliamentarians in the Lok Sabha, YFE(IP) along with Engineers from all across the country have decided to go on MASS HUNGER STRIKE on the 24th December.9:30 AM, IP Univ, Kashmere Gate
The Supreme Court is yet to give their verdict on the issue, but it seems that Mr Arjun Singh pays no heed to that fact. Why make Laws when u can’t follow the Highest Law Implementing agency yourself??? The Govt has not taken into account the Veerappa Moily committee report, ostensibly formed by them to introduce changes in the Bill. The much debated Creamy Layer issue does not even get a mention in the Bill. There simply is no limit upto which these politicians can go for their Pesky Vote Bank Politics.

YFE is battling it all out in the Courts.For long its been a Battle for Our Rights and The Country, but now its sheer Injustice. All of this leaves u Feeling Cheated.Stand for Your Rights, if you won't then who will? Don’t let the Politicians make a Fool out of you..

Calling all Warriors Back to the Front. Let us show this Government what we got...There is a General Body Meeting scheduled on the 22nd Dec(Friday) at 3:00 PM, IP University. Everybody is invited. And then on the 24th Dec, YFE (IP) along with Engineers from across the Country goes on MASS HUNGER STRIKE in front of Rashtrapati Bhawan, Delhi. The last time YFE (IP) protested, there were around 500 people, we have to look at no less than 1000 this time. Spread the Word amongst your Friends. E mail and SMS as many people as u can.Lastly, please change your Orkut and Yahoo Status to " YFE's Back: MASS HUNGER STRIKE on 24th”Be a part of YFE, be a part of History..

Mera Bharat Samaan
Jai Hind


AJ said...

Who is the moderator of this group? I want to join this group as a contributor.

Anonymous said...

Yaar kyu bhook rahe ho, is desh se ham unchee jati ke log khatam ho jayege par reservation kabhee khatam nahi hoga..jab tak kee ham in netao kee maa nahi chodege.

krishna mahajan said...

Youth is always against it and it would be because their is 50/ reservation and 100/ poltics by the congress

krishna mahajan said...

The youth was always against the reservation and it is and it would always be because 50/ reservation and 100 politics by the congress but it only need a person who will guide the youth like Anna Hazare

abhijeet munda said...

goverment should stop this political game.... it is just destroying the real talent of the country.... lets stop this non sence politics, let fight against it... make reservation against financial background and not based on caste