Friday, May 19, 2006

What Young To be docs have to say

Most of this blog are Engineers or ppl from IT industry. What doctors are doing is appericiable..All the medical examinations have been postponned. I m really waiting that all the engineers should jump in. MBA, I wonder IIMs is going to be majorly affected. Are those guys too modrate now? They are been taught how to handle these things with calm, composed and use management skills on it also.

No ways I wanted to write this post about what a Young to be doc have to say about this. He scrapped on my orkut. He is kind of sweet, ambitious, nahani se jaan in 1st year.

"5 din ho gaye hain...log bhukhe baithe hain...I'm not one of them though....But seriously, feel like killing these Politician class...I've already taken a pledge not to treat any politician in my life....or better still kill any that comes to me...."

I dont know how long he will be able to keep upto these words, cuz best of the best doctors are supposed to treat these politicians.

With this i do not need to conclude anything from this post.

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